Have you ever thought about owning an electric bike but though you couldn’t afford one?
Well now you can!
Here are some useful tips on how to decide on the right Electric Bike for you and most importantly how to make it affordable.

• Reliability, comfort and longevity is the most important issues. Kalkhoff German manufactured electric bikes have proven reliability and come with a 3 year warranty on motor and power pack. The bikes come in both step through and bar frame. However, we tend to stick to the step through models as it suits all levels of mobility.

• The batteries have 3 levels of assist and can do up to 150 Km on low assist. This will give you the security of knowing your battery will last on any cycle no matter how hilly the terrain is. The batteries can also be recharges 1,100 times which should provide up to 10 years normal usage.

• We operate the Bike to Work Scheme so if your employer is willing to partake in this scheme the first €1,000 can be offset against your income tax, PRSI and USC. The actual amount you save varies depending on your income tax bands. You pay the balance through your wages over the course of 12 months. You pay the remaining balance directly to us.

• You can also avail of our finance package to buy your Kalkhoff Electric Bike or to pay the remaining balance over and above the Bike to Work Scheme. An example: if you need €1,000 on finance we can arrange the advance over 2 years at €51.29 per month.

Why not make this a reality!! Give us a call on 086 8288747 or 087 7386439
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